New Balance 990 Men’s Running Shoes Review

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The New Balance 990 men’s running shoes have become really popular with a wide range of runners, from road to track to the casual gym goers. They are incredibly comfortable, so if you do a lot of hard surface running then these shoes will give your feet the comfort and protection they need. Many people that have switched to the 990 have commented at how much better their feet feel after running in them.

All good quality modern day running shoes are so much lighter than they were just a few years ago. It is now possible to make a very strong and comfortable shoe with extremely lightweight material, and this is the case with the New Balance 990. Although they do give you that very solid feel when you have them on, you will not feel the weight of them hold you back, even after running a long distance.

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What is the New Balance 990 shoe made of?

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A mixture of leather and mash has been used to make the New Balance 990 running shoes. This provides them with the strength and durability while also keeping the weight down on them too. In the areas that suffer from high wear and tear, there is a rubber compound used called Ndurance, which keeps the 990 in shape and together through all of the heavy use they will be put through.

When you own a pair of New Balance 990’s you can expect to get a lot of use out of them such is the quality of the build. They will hold their shape well throughout their life and will stand up to some very harsh treatment. Of course you should look after them in the way you would do with any other shoe if you want to get the longest usage out of them, but they should serve you well for a long time.

Who is the New Balance 990 shoe for?

If you are a mild to moderate overpronator, then the New Balance 990 shoe is ideal for you. It provides the right amount of cushioning and is a very stable shoe that will not stretch your feet at all while running. The 990 uses the ABZORB® SBS cushioning and ENCAP® technology to provide the best fit and stable platform for those wearing them.

Although the New Balance 990 is far from the cheapest of running shoes, it is the quality that you are paying for here. Those that already wear them would probably be happy to pay more for them, as they really can aid you in your running ability significantly. Plus with the amount of wear you get from them, you will be able to use them for a long time.

Different colors available for the 990

The New Balance 990 is available in a few different colors, including black, light gray and a darker grey, navy blue and beige. You will not find them in any of the really loud and bright colors you see a lot of running shoes in these days. They do not need to be bright to stand out, the shoes speak for themselves as soon as you put them on.

If you are thinking of getting a new pair of running shoes and you want a shoe that will last and is incredibly comfortable on your feet, even after a long run, then the New Balance 990 is a great option. If you are an overpronator then again this is an ideal shoe for you, as it compensates really well and your training will be extremely comfortable in them.

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